Learn More About Research Utilization
The purpose of research is to be of use — to change current practice, or to confirm it. Yet the process of moving new understandings and new products from research to practice can be challenging. Research utilization fosters movement from innovation into practice, and RUSH seeks to support that process.

Welcome to Research Utilization
This introduction defines research utilization and its implications.
Explore the RUSH Toolbox Resources about Research Utilization
The RUSH Toolbox offers a variety of online resources related to research utilitization.
Glossary of Utilization Terminology
The glossary is a guide to some of the terminology that is associated with utilization.
Frequently Asked Questions About Research Utilization
Answers to some of the most popular questions about research utilization and the RUSH project can be found here.
Grantees Address Challenges and Produce Outcomes
Examples from actual NIDRR grantee outcomes highlighting accomplishments in the utilization arena.