RUSH Staff / Contact Information

John D. Westbrook, PhD

Project Director of the RUSH Project and Program Manager of SEDL’s DRP Program, Dr. Westbrook has been with SEDL since 1982.

Dr. Westbrook also serves as Project Director of the NIDRR-supported National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research (NCDDR) project.

Before coming to SEDL, he served as a consultant and a staff development specialist for several state agencies and worked as a teacher/coordinator at the Texas School for the Deaf.

He holds three degrees from The University of Texas at Austin – a B.S. in Speech with a major in Education of the Deaf/Hearing Impaired, an M.S. in Special Education with a major in Language/Learning Disorders, and a Ph.D. in Educational Administration with a major in Special Education Administration.

Kathleen Murphy, PhD.

Program Associate with the RUSH Project, Dr. Murphy has been with SEDL since 2004.

For RUSH, she is responsible for aiding in the planning, creation, production, and dissemination of project activities and resources. She also works to identify, describe, and encourage the use of effective research utilization strategies.

Prior to joining SEDL, she was an assistant research professor at Baylor University’s Center for Community Research and Development, and a visiting assistant professor in anthropology at the University of Notre Dame.

Dr. Murphy holds a BA in history and literature from Harvard University, an MA in theology from the Graduate Theological Union, and a PhD in social anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin. 

John Middleton

Web Administrator for the RUSH Project, Mr. Middleton has been with SEDL since 1999.

Mr. Middleton is responsible for developing and guiding the creation of Web content for the RUSH Project. He also serves as Web Administrator for the NIDRR-supported NCDDR project.

Prior to joining SEDL, Mr. Middleton was employed at Motorola from 1982-1998 as a computer technology administrator. He volunteers his time and computer skills to support multiple non-profit community organizations.

Mr. Middleton holds an A.A. in Computer Science from Austin Community College. 

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