Research Utilization Support and Help (RUSH)


The RUSH Project focuses on increasing the reach of research findings produced through NIDRR funding. Enhanced and effective research utilization benefits people with disabilities and their families, service providers, policy makers and others in the research community.

About the RUSH Project
Abstract, RUSH Contact Information, and RUSH staff profiles, and “Updates”.

Learn More About Research Utilization
Learn More About Research Utilization contains an introduction to research utilization along with a glossary, and frequently asked questions.

Introduction to the RUSH Toolbox
The RUSH Toolbox offers a variety of online resources related to knowledge translation (KT), dissemination, utilization, and logic models.

Research Utilization Demonstration Projects
NIDRR Grantees Receive Research Utilization Awards (RUAs).

Dissemination and Outcome Planning Workshop Materials
These materials are designed for use in workshops or training events addressing research utilization.

Technical Assistance for NIDRR Grantees
Looking for help identifying utilization models or planning for utilization outcomes?

National Research Utilization Review Panel
National Research Utilization Review Panel incorporates perspectives from throughout the NIDRR community.